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Reliable Auto Repairs 

Get your vehicle running like new again with McCracken Auto

Keep Your Motor Running at McCracken Auto Services in Brampton

When you need reliable auto repairs, come to McCracken Auto Services in Brampton. Our family has provided top-quality auto services to the Brampton community since 1959 and continues to build upon our reputation for trustworthiness, value, and reliability. When you bring your vehicle to McCracken Auto, you’re choosing a family team of mechanics with over 120 years of combined experience.

That’s pretty tough to beat.

At McCracken, we repair all sorts of mechanical and electrical components for your vehicle including:

  • Brakes

  • Suspension

  • Air conditioning

  • Lights

  • Headlamps

  • Shock absorbers

  • Transmissions

  • Engines

  • Electrical

  • Starter motor/ Alternator

  • Wheels

  • And more

What’s more, we can even make sure you don’t need future repairs with regular maintenance services. We can take care of oil and fluid replacement, brake pad replacement, wheel alignment, filter and fan replacement and more.

So take your vehicle to the team with a reputation for excellence that spans over five decades. Come to McCracken Auto Services in Brampton.

Stop Breaking Down

Keeping your vehicle running properly is easy: Just call McCracken Auto.

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