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Choose McCracken Auto Services in Brampton for Engine Repair

Our family has always loved cars at McCracken Auto Services; so much so that you could almost say that engine oil is in our blood. Our father started McCracken Auto Services in 1959 and worked hard to develop a reputation for superior auto mechanic services. After 30 years serving the Brampton community, our father retired and passed the business on to us. Since that time, we’ve worked just as hard to maintain the reputation that he established.

We are all fully certified, experienced mechanics at McCracken Auto Services with over 120 years of combined experience. There’s almost nothing we haven’t seen at our shop and no mechanical issue we can’t solve. Give us a call today if you’ve got a problem with your engine, breaks, suspensions, or shocks.

We’ve been here a long time—and we’ll be here a long time to come.

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